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Staring Contest – The Legend gets sniped

We showed up with 10 guys. We sucked the first game with the exception of Teddy and Carter. Arne came so he could take BP to practice for his twighliters tournament. Little did he know he was going to play. He was guessing changeups right out of the gate. We got pumped 11-1 and Gabe got sniped in right field chasing a fly ball. He looked like a chopped tree. Timber! The diamondbacks being the diamondbacks stole second and third when up by 8. I guess thats how they play in Mexico. Joyce had a good staredown with the pitcher and then got yelled at for hitting a fly ball. Both benches were warned. That’s about all the excitement for the day. The second game we all hit the ball with Peaches leading the way going 4 for 5 with a walk. He got the same amount of hits in one game that Kellen has all season. Bud, Engdahl, Joyce, and Barrett all had 3 rbis. Joyce pitched well and Swatter made his season debut. He said he will play anywhere but put me at short. Axel pitched for the dbacks but did not do well. He also stared down Joyce when Joyce threw one behind him. Coach Rex would be dissapointed. Anyways we crushed them 16-2. Both games would have sucked to watch.