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Win 1 / Lose 1 – The Story of our Double Headers

Game 1 went how we expected we won 9-5. Teddy threw another gem and only gave up 2 runs until Big Ben came in. Since crushed a Grand Slam, he thought it entitled him to yell at everyone that didn’t make a play. It’s always nice to have a 6’8′ pumped up monster yelling at you from the mound. SETTLE DOWN BIG MAN. Jared Albo continued his torrid hitting streak. Game 2 we started Gabe and yes the Legend continues. He was gracious enough to spot them 6 runs in 2 innings. Forgot to mention he got the K-LID in game 1. The Duke of Earl came in and and threw out his arm, but did throw well. It was then Chris Grime’s turn to take the mound and pitched extremely well. I guess we should have started Joyce and not screwed around. It didn’t help the we whined about the Home Plate ump all game. He was FUCKING TERRIBLE and is a embarrassment to umping. That being said we only had 2 hits and needed someone to blame. We are off until July.7