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10 Inning Marathon

In a great pitched, 10 inning Game we lost 8-4. Tom and Teddy both had 10 K’s. We had a couple innings where errors cost us. Hellen Kellen contributed 2 of these. He also got picked off at first and had a couple base running errors (allegedly) . Talks around the beer bucket was since he used to play for the Dbacks was he trying to help them? We will watch him as the series continues. A pitch that might have been called a strike, but ended up being a passed ball, cost us a run. Bud also had a game of hacky sack with himself in the outfield. We had 10 hits and only one in a key situation. They only had 3 hits until the 10th. In the 10th they rattled off 5 straight and buried us. Game 2 will be on Tuesday. Lucky for us we can sulk about this lose over the long weekend. Coach Rex is on suicide watch. His weekend is ruined.