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This is what make the Diamondbacks the Greatest Slowpitch team in Calgary. Check out their website, They definitely bring out the ‘ASS’ IN CLASS. Little to they know they are the most hated team in the league. That’s saying a lot, as the Cards have Nelly. I guess they don’t know that the Home team get the first base side. It has only been that way for 7 years. Love the excuse about missing regulars (we were missing 4). The Dust Devils played with 2 slowpitch guys before us and split with the Giants. Don’t know how the DBacks missed those 2 guys. Here are some of the reasons you get beaned. You pimp a homerun the next guy gets beaned. If you act like you’ve hit one before this doesn’t happen. You almost start a brawl. You are the Mets First baseman. I could go on but I’m sure they don’t get the point. I will give them some props. They have improved the team 100 fold in the last 3 years. It was actually fun to play them.