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Benches Clear

We split today with Calgary Greatest Slo-pitch team, the Diamondbacks. They ripped Ulmer’s curve ball and beat us 5-4 in game 1. Game 2 was more like it as we dimed them in 5. Game 2 got off to a great start. In the second inning, one of their players tried to take second when time was called. We threw the ball, the guy slid and bud fell over him. The guy proceeded to get up and shove Bud. By the time Bud got up, Big Ben had him in a head lock and gave a quick jab. This poor kid almost made the worst decision of his life. Big Ben likes to dummy people for fun. Even worse is the 2 time Saskatchewan toughest man winner, Mr. Brendan Engdahl, was flying in from left. In saying that after the benches cleared, Brendan did grab Sam. After the game he was quoted as saying, ‘I thought I was going to kick the shit out of a loser in a pony tail’. Cooler heads prevailed and there were no ejections, just lots of chirping and shoving. On a hitting note Paul raised his average to .100 on the year. Speaking of 100, that is approx how many LBS Kellen has gained since joining the Longhorns.