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Guntzzzzz are Us take it on the chin

We swept the Gunzzzzz. The only people surprised about this are the Guntzzzzzz. Ulmer beat them 5-0 in Game 1. Teddy threw well for the first 5 innings and then turned into a BP pitcher. Peaches came in for the save. Final score was 11-9. Teddy did have the highlight of the day. One of their plugs struck out and his bat landed beside Ted. Ted looked at it, and thought maybe he should made it into a bong, but he just left it there. The guy slowly walked to pick it up and Teddy just looked at him. He had to walk all the way around the mound and then back to the dugout. It was AWESOME. Jade Alberts got rid of the K-LID and everyone had a few hits. Kevin Sawatzky made his longhorn debut. His first AB looked like most people would expect (check it out on Facebook). He then proceeded to rip 2 doubles and pick up 4 rbi’s. Just like the old days playing Div 1 in Iowa. The ‘Soup of the Day’ goes to Bud. He had to run from first to third. This is not that difficult, but he’s not used to running with a few extra Lbs. He was going to slide but instead did a double knee drop and almost landed on his face. We were tweeting live during game 2 and forgot to get the foul ball, so the ump ran out. It’s a tough being the Social Media Kings of the FMBA.