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Longhorns Clinch Playoff Spot

Jade Alberts is the worst hitter in the FMBA right now. Just throw anything near the plate and he will either watch it or miss it. Big Dave Jablonski started Game 1 and had to leave after arm tightness. The Mets were lucky as he K’d the first 3 batters. Cocaine Teddy came in and finished the game. Joyce threw a excellent game 2. He would have had a shutout and that leads us into the ‘Soup of the Day’. This goes to Troy Clelend. We’ll briefly mention him getting picked off on the bases. He biggest gift was turning a single into a inside the park home run. Big Ben has to get back to work. He was one angry 6’8′ beast today. When the food came after the game, he was yelling because it wasn’t enough. He also yelled at the Guacamole and I quote ‘Who eats this green shit, BRUTAL’. Peaches and Lars had great days at the dish. They were hitting doubles and triples all over the park. Maybe Ben should of had a few doubles or triples to relax.