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Arne ’23 MVP’ Larson Retires

We new this day would come, the first Longhorns retirement. It’s with great sadness that I announce Arne ’23 MVP’ is retiring. His wizardry on the field speaks for itself, but we love his off the field antics. When we first met Arne, he was the mayor of Enchant. He walked around with a brief case that had over $20,000 in it. We still don’t know why but we were in awe. Eating A&W burgers in the his own closet, at home, so he didn’t have to share (btw he was by himself). Being recognized in International Newspapers after being stuck in Hurricane Wilma on his Honeymoon. Arne’s shotgunning ability is absolutely sick. No one has even come close to beating him, and that’s with a chew in. Imagine how fast he is without one. We will have a retirement party for Arne during one of our Saturday Double Headers. You will be missed buddy.