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Longhorns Worst Season in History Ends

Well our season was ended by the Cocks for the third year in a row. It didn’t help that we made 6 errors and 5 of the 7 runs were unearned. You have to give them credit as they are a good team. No clutch hitting was also a issue. Ty had a good game going 2-2 with a walk, Joyce had a RBI double. Ulmer pitched a great game but had to throw a extra 50 pitched because of our defense. This game can be wrapped up by a quote from Peaches (E6) our shortstop, ‘I wish we had their shortstop today’………………….. There will be some changes in the off season. The biggest will be getting new jerseys, so we look thinner and younger. We are going to try and recruit a doctor, as to many guys are getting hurt. A couple announcements were made last night. Arne said he was going to retire but we won’t allow that. Carter said he was going to cut his hair and most of us were devastated. Although some guys were happy as they want to use it to replace the hair they’ve lost.