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Tourney Recap Part Deux

I will quote Roger Clemens to start another tourney recap ‘A few things were mis remembered’. Parker Burgess was having a great early evening at Nashville North until we was kicked out at 7:30. Instead of heading home with his light buzz he came to the park. He crushed another 8 beers and lost 2 close shotguns to Arne. He is now 0 for life against Arne. Jade was left with the K-LID after the Saturday game. Nelly kept calling the Gunz the ‘Guntz’. Another sad stat about the weekend is the T-Roy’s kids spent more time helping out than 75% of the team. Got to love the effort some people put in. A total of 6 keys please cars came to the diamond over the weekend. After all the numbers were added up we almost sold 1,000 beer. Not sure how many the Longhorns paid for but the sales were great. A special Thanks goes out to Mr. & Mrs. Fech as well as Mr. Leitch for helping out. There might be a part 3