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Goals for the Saskatoon Tourney

This weekend we head to the Saskatoon Tourney. We’ve only lost 2 games over the 4 years we attended. That being said we have only played 6 games due to rain. The Team and a few individuals have set goals for the weekend.

The first team goal is not to get rained out. The second goal is not be overly hung over on Saturday and Sunday (slim chance). The final goal is to out drink the Wolfpack. That shouldn’t be a problem knowing the amount they drank at our tourney last year (A distant 3rd behind the Horns and Cards).

The following are the individual goals. It’s Jared Albo’s first trip back since being hit by a train in the off-season. If we can keep him out of the West side of town, he should achieve this goal. Jade Alberts hopes to keep the chips and dip off his chest and not drown in a pool. Coach Rex hopes to get his first hit of the season and see the fireworks go off. Paul Reid hopes to meet his long lost brother Ardie on the Outlaws.