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Longhorns Clinch Playoff Spot

We beat the Cards 8-2 tonight and clinched a playoff spot. Jason Ulmer got the win but was overshadowed by Carter hitting the first Bomb of the Year. It was a no doubter (331). Peaches made a spectacular diving play and we found out BENGEE can throw the ball to third. Albo and Bengee got rid of their K-LIDS. Arne and Kuzek are still proudly wearing them. After the beer bucket a few Horns went to the Mexican bar that has the photo of Lars on the wall. It turned into a shit show. Oh Yeah and Peaches left Arne at Beckham’s. We also signed a new recruit. Ryen ‘Sunshine’ Fisher will make his debut tomorrow. He is from BC and played in the WMBL. Shorty coached him in Lethbridge, so we might have to teach him the basics again