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What a final. We lost game 1, 5-4 in 10 innings, we won game 2, 3-2 and then lost game 3, 3-2. The pitching was great unfortunately we left 25 runners on base in the 2 loses so our clutch hitting was brutal. Lets get into the nuts and bolts of the game. First of all one of there parents chirped Rex (who is the worlds most angry man) and threw out the line ‘Do you know who I am’. If I am not mistaken he responded with a quote from the Cardinals website…Beet it Nerd. At least it was not another know it all Acme parent. I will not say anything bad about them on a Sunday. After the Cocks were done holding hands and drinking 24 beer they came over to the bleachers. Not that I am boasting but we were already done 68 beer and another 72 just got delivered. They thought it would be a good idea to challenge Arne to a shogun. First up was little number 2, it is confirmed that he has a 12′ penis, he lost. Next was Randy who has the best moustache in the world and might be the next Old Spice Man, he lost. Unfortunately when he emailed me and we had no room for more players, his photo was not included. Matt Wilpert was up next and he do was denied. So really we swept them in the game that really mattered. Oh Yeah one more thing, we found out that someone that played in the finals can give himself a blow job, very interesting …………………..To all our fans out the across Canada our next update will be after our wind up on Sept.25