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Longhorns beat Calgary Newest ‘AAA’ Team

We pounded the Cards 9-2. I have never seen Nelly throw that hard, or should I say throw that many change ups. His quest to throw 200 innings continues. I would have to say 8 out of our 10 hits were bloopers. Joyce and Darren Ashley Fech (sounds like FEK) are going to put on a blooper clinic at the end of the year. Jade Alberts is the first person to sign up as the only way he gets on base is by walking. The Situation (Brendan Engdahl) hit one of the top of the wall. Speaking of Jersey Shore we found out that Coach Rex watches the show. He even PVR’s it when not at home. We have officially changed his name to ‘Snooki’. I am going to have to look over his contract as this is very disturbing…………… In a not so shocking update, our Face book page has added a few more shotgun videos