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Games vs. Airdrie Pirates

Besides the Pirates being absolutely brutal there were some interesting developments today. We prepared the field for 3 hours before it was playable and then went on to score 25 unanswered in 10 innings. Joyce pitched all 10 innings. They could not catch up to his 60 MPH fastball. Albo hit a Grand Slam. It came at a crucial time during the game when we were up by 9. Lars (The Worlds Most Interesting Man) was hit by a pitch and the Ump told him to take his base. He then told the Ump ‘I was not hit’ and continued to dig in. His Karma is just as strong in real life as it is in his commercials. Kellen wore a Jersey under his Jersey, what a soup. Speaking of jerseys, our Purples are still undefeated. Go check out our FACE BOOK page for updated videos and photos. The best photo is Lars trying to shotgun. Obviously he does not practice with DOS EQUIS.