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Team-mate of the Year in the Sunburst League – Lance Romanchuk

I thought there would be no more posts until after the golf tourney. Our good friend In Fort Sask made some pretty bold statements that I must respond to. Before I get into that it sounds like he is a really good team-mate, I guess most guys were right about him. In regards to the best hitter stats here are a few I quickly pulled up. He was 14th in his own league and even better than that 6th on his own team. If you move his average over to the FMBA, which is the best league in Alberta, he would rank an impressive 51st. Yes Fort Sask is the best team in Canada and by the looks of the competition out there, they would have won without you. Oh, I almost forgot to mention our head to head record but you all ready know that. Then I began to think maybe they lost because you were not there, so I checked the game sheets. To my surprise you played, how could this happen? Is it possible to lose with the 14th best batter in the Sunburst League? I guess it is. As for you winning MVP they say a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then