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Semi Finals vs. Acme – Game 1

In what could be the quickest game in FMBA history 1 hour and 10 minutes we won 5-1. Teddy pitched outstanding and K’d 13 Pirates. Now that Kuzek has rediscovered his love of baseball, he continued his torrid hitting streak by ripping a triple and a single. Jade Alberts added 2 more BB which gives him 40 for the year. T-Roy has the play of the game. He still does not know what happened but somehow he tried to hit the second baseman after not sliding and it was a bad decision. Not only was he thrown out by 10 steps but this guy, who is the largest second baseman in FMBA history, just folded him. We do not like to chirp Acme as I know they read this, we like them plus use it for motivation but it has to be done. I do not know who this catcher thinks he is but I am sure he is only playing because Hunter can not make it. A little FYI for you when you pick up the bat you do not have to be a dick and throw it at our feet. Just hand them to us like everyone else in the league does including our catchers.