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Quarter Finals vs. Dinos

The Dinos sure like to chirp. We do not mind teams that chirp but before you can do that you actually have to accomplish something. Ulmer mowed them down for the third time this year but he only K’d 11 of them. Last time he struck out 13 Dinos so I guess they improved by hitting 2 extra cans of corn to the outfield. There false hope started in the first inning when they got a run and we went down 1-2-3 in order. Unfortunately for them the second inning arrived and we send 13 to the plate and scored 7 runs. The quote of the night came from a woren down ‘FAT’ Darren Fech as he commented about how it took him 8 years to learn that he can not throw a fastball by the Longhorns. Our defence was a little sloppy and both there runs came on errors. Albo continued hitting tear by going 2-4 with a triple.