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Games 17 & 18 vs. Dukes

It was not much of a challenge as we outscored them 26-3. Lots of hits, walks and stolen bases. Lars (The Worlds most interesting man) had 4 hits, Jade Alberts had 4 hits and 2 SB’s, Paul Reid had 4 RBI, Arne had 3 hits as well as 3 SB’s, Albo had a single , double and a triple. Kuzek had a stolen base and Rex was the only person to get caught stealing. Cater had 2 hits, Peaches had 3 SB’s and a triple. Joyce. Teddy and Fechy all threw well and only gave up a handful of hits over the 2 games. Paul was caught checking out 2 skids with long hair coming down the path on there skate boards. He did not know they were dudes until we pointed it out. The bone head play of the game goes to Jade Alberts as after stealing second and making it to third on the over throw he stood off the base trying to catch his breath and was tagged out. He thought he called time but obviously did not and the coach (Darren Fech) did not help him, he just laughed.