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Game. 13 vs. Outlaws

This game could arguably be the worst game ever played in the FMBA. We were down 8-1, then up 14-8 and held on to a 14-13 win. Our pitchers walked 14 guys with Joyce handing out them 10 of them and they were no better by walking 10 of us. Our bats did wake up from the weekend though as we had 16 hits. It was rainy, windy, cold and at points we were standing in the field for 20 minutes watching the pitchers and catchers playing by themselves. By the way the games last 3 hours. The game ended in a perfect matter when they had 2 out with a runner on first. The batter would have hit a single but the ball hit Pinchy (Outlaws base runner) for the third out. Thank God this game finally game to a end