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Game 10 & 11 vs. Diamondbacks

Lets just say this is the year of the Lack of Commitment. No names but 3 guys did not show up for game 1 and we were less than 5 minutes away from forfeiting. Needless to say we spotted the Diamondbacks a 6 run lead and could not recover. We did have 5 errors and one snowball fight which did not help things. Game 2 was not much better as we left 14 runners on base (game 1 we left 11 runners on), our bats were terrible. T-Roy came out of retirement and gave up 3 bombs and they were no doubters. The quote of the game came from a Diamondback where he called the dressing rooms a squatters ‘ JACK SHACK’. In a nut shell we were brutal and the DB made us pay. Hopefully we can start getting more players out because it is becoming a disgrace.