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Red Deer Stags Tourney

The weekend can summed up with the Phrase of the weekend ‘I do not know how you guys do it’. Three separate people said this to us on how we play ball after ripping it up. We lost to the Stags on 7-1 Friday night. We picked up Aren Nelson and he had a tough night walking 9 and making 2 errors otherwise the game was pretty close. Saturday afternoon we beat the St. Albert Tigers 10-5 and the highlight from this game was Ted striking out 4 times but he pitched a great game. All teams ended up 1-1 in our pool but we got second based on runs for and against. On Sunday we played the Red Deer Riggers in the Consolation game and beat them 4-3. Big O pitched a great game. Jared Albo made a Longhorn record 6 errors in one game and we would have turned a triple play if he did not throw it into right field after finally making a play.. He said he had a hang over but he barely drank the night before. Jade passed out in the lobby with his eyes open and was covered with chips and dip when Rexy was nice enough to take him up to the room. Lars who got ripped Saturday night at his in-laws, on red wine, did not look Handsome. He had a awkward Dos Equis moment, stay thirsty my friends.