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Games 6 & 7 vs. Mighty Mets

There is not much to say other than we out scored them 28-1 in 10 innings, they are just brutal. Jade Alberts came back down to earth while playing second, he played a game of soccer all by himself and booted the ball everywhere. The big hit of the night was by Lucas as he smacked a bases clearing triple. The game was boring, some guys at times were taking naps on the bench and they stats were not very accurate. Thank god we will not see them until next year. The only interesting thing that cam out of the game was the Longhorns pre tournament rankings were announced. We also had to take into consideration the Fort Sask remarks on there website. They obviously did not like losing TWICE to us. Here is the post on the site ‘I guess that’s what happens when you lose to ****ty baseball teams. Now they think they are good. Wrong! ****ty team, ****ty players, fat messes, no class..just a ****in joke. I’m embarassed’. Other than that quote being classless here is or take on Fort Sask – THEY ARE A GOOD TEAM IF THEY HAVE A 11 RUN LEAD ——————-Cards – 2 to 1 —————– Oyen – 7 to 1 ———————— Longhorns – 10 to 1 ———————– Stags – 20 to 1 ————————– Redbirds – 30 to 1 —————————— Fort Sask – 49 to 1