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Game 2 vs. Outlaws

Big win 11- 0 and gets us out of last place. Lets get the K -LID talk out of the way first. Carter got a hit in his first AB so he got rid of it, while T-Roy (Gonzaga Alumni) and Paul (no Alumni) still have it. The first bomb of he year was hit by Jade Alberts. It was a monster shot of approx 450 feet and in a rare appearance at second base he turned a DP and made all the plays look routine. In the outfield Lars Hasselhoff went with no sleeves in plus 5 degrees weather. This really threw off Fechy in centre as he could not track down any balls (Lars beat him to all of them). In a post game interview Fechy was quote ‘Every time the ball was hit all I could picture was Lars running down the beach and showing off his guns’. It was Teddy’s 37 Bday and got a BJ at Beckhams…..we are all happy to see him make 37 and hopefully he will be around one more year.