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Well the season starts in one week. The big question is can the Longhorns roll over everyone again?????? We have added the U of C Dinos to the league and they are a formidable foe. The Cards are not young anymore….. Hans is still leading the charge but the young Card look ready and buffed. They have been having 6 practices a day for over a month now. Can the Dukes crafty 50 MPH Lefty hand us our only lose? The Cocks have a lefty that throws as hard as the leagendary ‘Sid Finch’….we will see about that. As for Acme they will be ready to go after seeding season. How many burgers will Kuzek eat this year now that he married, will this change his philosophy??? Will he have to switch over to Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs as they will be sponsoring the Longhorns??? There are so many questions and only time will tell………..LETS PLAY BALL