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Longhorns Tournament 2008

We finally won our tourney again after a 2 year drought. This year’s teams were the best we have ever had. Game 1: We faced Oyen and they were a wild card coming in as we new nothing about them. Big O pitched a great game and Jade Alberts hit a bases loaded double to clinch the 6-2 victory. Game 2: We played the Fort Saskatchewan A’s and coming into this tourney they have only lost one game, well make that 2. Craig Joyce pitched a great game and because of a couple errors he didn’t get the win but we pulled off a 9-8 victory in 9 innings. Lars hit a line drive home run that was never more than 15 feet off the ground. Semi-Final: It was a morning game and we usually don’t fair well at this time but Teddy pitched great and we boat raced them 12-4. Final: Once agian we faced off against the Fort Saskatchewan A’s and this game had 2 parts. Over the first 5 innings their pitcher 1 hit us and we were down 9-0. Welcome to the 6th where our bats woke up. We put up 4 and chased their starter from the game. At this time their chirping about how they can not wait to get out of Calgary stopped. The relief pitcher they brought in threw muffins and we continued to rip the ball. With the bases loaded and 2 out Craig Joyce ripped a double into the gap and scored all 3 runs. Jade Alberts was running so fast his lid flew off and his silver mullet was flowing in the wind as he scored the winning run. Brett Suchan came in and shut the door in the top of the 7th to clinch the Tourney for the Longhorns. This was one of the most exciting games that we have been involved in and the fans were going crazy in the stands.