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Red Deer Stags Tourney: Won 2 and Lost 2, 3rd Place.

We started off the tourney great by beating St. Albert by 10 and then blew the next game against the Stags by making a few errors and costing Big O the win. Our third game was well lets just call it a 9am hanger over as we lost 17-0. We played St.Albert in the ‘B’ final and came out on top 5-4 placing third. As usual there are a few good stories. Bud will from here on in will be known as ‘SPEEDBAG’ as he took a few kidney shots between 5 and 6am. Paul was a rally killer on and off the diamond. A few candies were consumed by us from all the stagettes. Franchise has the quote of the weekend ‘I don’t put on my batting gloves for nothing…just like I don’t open a beer for nothing’. Oh yeah one more thing Paul got the K-LID again