• Diamond Come Back

    We were up 10-2 and lost 12-11. Zack Tarr pitched a gem, but our defense blew this one. Ted and Bud missed 2 pop ups that cost us 4 runs, Peaches and Joyce made a errors and the rest is history. Dakota and Pep hit triples, and Albo tied Jade and Norris for the Homerun…
  • Wayne Leitch Memorial Tourney

    We are the champions of the first-ever Wayne Leitch Memorial baseball tournament. It means so much to us to win this tournament for Wayne. We think about him every day and miss him, this one’s for you buddy.
  • Outgunned by the Gunz

    A terrible day of baseball for the Longhorns. We made 5 errors, 5 base running outs and 2 pitchers couldn’t throw strikes. We have lost 6 of our last 7 games #SLUMP. There’s nothing else to say. The highlight of the day was Albo hitting a foul ball into the shotgun hole. That will never happen…

Calgary Wolfpack vs Calgary Longhorns

Foothills FMBA Diamond

2017-07-21 18:30:28July 21, 2017 Calgary Dukes- Calgary Longhorns
2017-07-19 18:30:49July 19, 2017 Calgary Longhorns11 - 12 Calgary Diamondbacks
2017-07-17 09:42:56July 17, 2017 Calgary Cardinals1 - 8 Calgary Longhorns
2017-07-17 09:31:38July 17, 2017 Calgary Wolfpack4 - 5 Calgary Longhorns
2017-07-17 09:18:39July 17, 2017 St. Albert Tigers0 - 8 Calgary Longhorns