• Wolfpack Devour Longhorns

    They hit the ball, and we didn’t. Jeff Peach, Jade Alberts, Hiro Imata and Brendan Engdahl had multiple hit days. Tough way to end the season but we will have a great wind up Sept.29.
  • How The Giants Have Fallen

    We scored 32 runs in 2 games and swept the Giants from the playoffs. Albo had a great day, he never got out once, hit a grand slam and racked up about 10 RBIs. Peaches had 4 RBIs with 0 hits. Pep had 7 RBIs and pitched a gem in game 1, and Teddy pitched…
  • Brooms out

    We swept the Wolfpack today and think we finished 3rd. Teddy pitched a hell of a game and beat Smitty 3-2. Stromme came in for the save. The game was played in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Hiro got the k-lid. Game 2 we won 9-4. Pep started, Josh came in for the save. Peaches, Albo, Hiro…
2018-08-27 14:42:18August 27, 2018 Calgary Wolfpack5 - 3 Calgary Longhorns
2018-08-27 14:29:00August 27, 2018 Calgary Longhorns4 - 13 Calgary Wolfpack
2018-08-27 14:12:27August 27, 2018 Calgary Longhorns14 - 4 Calgary Giants
2018-08-27 13:54:57August 27, 2018 Calgary Giants7 - 18 Calgary Longhorns
2018-08-11 18:00:00August 11, 2018 Calgary Wolfpack4 - 9 Calgary Longhorns

2018 Team Leaders


Elliot Shrive0.500
Jared Albo0.446
Ted Eisthen0.417

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