• Diamond Split

    We split with the Diamondbacks winning Game 1 14-13 in 3 hours and losing game 2 4-0. Game.1 We were down 13-5 and made a great comeback finally winning in the 8th. The game was 3 hours long. Albo had the walk-off hit, Norris hit his second Bomb of the year, and the rest is kind of…
  • Cards Crush Us in 1 Inning

    We had the worst inning in Longhorn history giving up 14 runs and making at least 3 errors. They did pretty much nothing else the rest of the game. We scored 8 runs and hit the ball well but we needed more bloopers. No brawls but 3 hit batters and everyone just took their base.…
  • Still HabNot Beat Us

    We beat the HabNots 11-2 in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Pep mowed them down and we ripped the ball all over the field. Everyone had a hit except Joyce. Albo missed another bomb by 1 foot and Kurtis Call got his first hit as a Longhorn. This is our first of 4 games in…

Calgary Cardinals vs Calgary Longhorns

Foothills FMBA Diamond

2017-06-24 18:00:34June 24, 2017 Calgary Longhorns3 - 4 Edmonton Blackhawks
2017-06-24 11:00:22June 24, 2017 St. Albert Cardinals4 - 5 Calgary Longhorns
2017-06-23 20:00:09June 23, 2017 Calgary Longhorns6 - 7 St. Albert Tigers
2017-06-17 18:00:17June 17, 2017 Calgary Longhorns0 - 4 Calgary Diamondbacks
2017-06-17 15:00:23June 17, 2017 Calgary Diamondbacks13 - 14 Calgary Longhorns